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 Dominant Music Group / Blazin Mics Fm

Hector Rivera Jr better known as Vietnam  is a veteran Hip Hop  emcee that was born in Brooklyn ,NY . Although he has spent the majority of his life in Baltimore city  in a place called " Highlandtown " that's why the veteran claims Highlandtown as his stomping grounds. Vietnam has  been writing music since the age of 12 and really began making his own recordings  in 1997 . In 2012 Vietnam began breaking out into the major scene with his powerful single " Rock For My City" which help him get on Espn Tv, Tony Hawks Ride, Riot Games and also received a plaque from Spotify for achieving 1million streams. Vietnam is also in a 2man group called "IRON HEARTZ" with his rap partner Sinister Dice.  They have put out several songs underground over a 20 year span with plans on releasing new material soon. Vietnam Has worked with legends in the hiphop community such as  JHood, Sadat x, Beretta 9 (Killarmy) and even featured in Noriega"s video called "PETTY" which aired on WSHH in 2016. Vietnam not only does music but he is a  Label owner of "Dominant Music Group" and he is also a radio station owner of " Blazin Mics FM" in which he hosts a show called " IN Da Zone"  As any great Entrepreneur does they are always looking for ways to improve and bring the best out of there brands  . Stay tune for more stuff by Vietnam